We’re Available in Colorado!

It’s official folks…..Bloody Revolution is now available in Colorado!! Look for us in fine retailers and restaurants across the state and ask for BLOODY REVOLUTION!!

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4 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    What retailers in colorado?

    1. dboz says:

      hey Jordan, Bloody Revolution is available in a large number of retailers across Colorado – just do a search on the ‘Where to Find’ page: https://bloodyrevolution.com/where-to-find/

      hint: you can use a Denver zip code like 80123 and expand the search range to 100 mi to see the huge list of locations

  2. Carol says:

    We had the Ribeye mix..it was amazing! Can’t wait to use in Chili. So happy we found this in Colorado!

  3. Rocky Mountain Beer Man says:

    So. Freaking. Good.

    I tried 3 other mixes before yours. Zing Zang was *really* salty and the other 2 were just…meh.

    Going to ask my local store to order the other flavors after i’m finished enjoying the Smoked Habenero.

    Incredibly delicious!

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